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Supervision Groups

The supervision groups are going strong, and there is room for a couple more members in both the early birds’ group (Every other Thursday, 9am – 11am) and the late birds (Every other Thursday, 12pm – 2pm).  Cost per session is $70.00.  Touch techniques, business development, networking, public identity/marketing work, observation and feedback, and issues with self and clients are among the topics we cover in a safe, discerning, positive environment.

Bodyworker Ali Lecube writes:

Through my participation in regular supervision classes with George over the last 4 years, my understanding of what I do as a bodyworker has become incredibly clear. I have developed myself as a practitioner on so many levels as a result working with George.

The supervision process is for me both an exploration and refinement of tools; the tools that make up both the landscapes of bodywork practice and of the business of bodywork. We need to constantly be developing both sides of our world as practitioners, and I have not seen another model out there that supports the partitioner quite like this supervision process.

George is able to guide us as a group, and individually depending on what any of us are working with at any given time. George’s fluidity and spontaneity in his approach to mentoring, paired with his skill and knowledge, enables him to instruct and guide us in a beautiful and effective way. His skill as a bodyworker and knower of all things necessary to support great healing in both his students and his clients, is astounding.

Personally, I can more clearly articulate what I do that supports the people I care for in my practice, which is not always easy for the intuitive bodyworker.

I am more empowered as a practitioner, and as a human because of my work with George.

George has encouraged me to go beyond the boundaries of what i think i can do, thus allowing me to grow and develop quickly.

A goal of my work is to help clients make space to see who they are — to recreate and embody their own selves. George’s workspace is invaluable to me because it’s one of the places where I step fully into who I am.

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