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List of Available Classes

Following is a list of classes we are interested in offering.  Let us know if there’s a particular course you’re interested in, whether it’s listed below or not, and we’ll offer it.

  • Alignment from Table to Standing
  • Arm work – from Pelvis to Fingernail
  • Arthritis Seminar
  • Bodywork and Proprioception
  • Bodyworkers and the Intervertebral Disc
  • Building your Character, Building your Clientele
  • Conversations with The Masters: Readings from Pioneers 1-4
  • Diaphragm to Pelvic Floor: The Lower Back in Context
  • Ethical Dilemmas and Choices
  • Fascia is Every Bodyworker’s Specialty: Theory & Practice
  • Flower on a Stem: Strengthening the Neck’s Support System
  • Freeing the Nerves from Neck to Knuckle
  • Joint Awareness for Muscle Therapists
  • Nerve or Not
  • Principles of Assessment and Treatment: Strength, Stretch and Release
  • Ribcage and Breathing
  • Scalenes and SCM
  • Scoliosis: What to do
  • Shake, Rattle, and Roll
  • Spinning the Hip: 360° Techniques
  • Social Media: A Starter Kit for Body Practitioners
  • Soft Tissue is All There Is: Rethinking Bodywork
  • Stretch Yourself Stretch Your Client