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George is a wonderful supervisor and mentor. He cultivates a learning environment that is warm, nurturing and academically stimulating. Attending his supervision sessions has really changed the way in which I work and view the body. I highly recommend becoming part of the Getting Better Bodywork community. – Emily Smith

I love George Russell. His work is more than helping people. He is trying to transform the world with a community of loving, self-actualized, knowledgeable experts holding the key to healing the world. Wait, was that too extravagant. Well, it’s just the way I feel. There’s more than a kernel of truth to it. Hey bodyworkers, Join the community! – David N. Zimmer

George taught a massage therapy workshop I attended that was terrific. He is a phenomenal teacher, healer and energy to be around. We need more George Russells in the world. His empathy and work are both remarkable. I’d give him a 10 if I could. - Carmela Thompson

George is an amazingly empathetic individual. Without knowing him I feel like I know him. He’s truly a positive influence and energy in this world. - Jeff Thomson

George has a great way of being present and teaching each of his clients individually. - Sue Peabody

He is an amazing body worker and teacher! I have used a lot of what he had taught me in his class spinning the hip. - Kimberly Corpus

George Russell is the best healer I know. I had hip pain that didn’t fit the “usual” hip problem. Doctor (looking at scans, ignoring everything I told him): you’ll need a total hip replacement some day. When the pain gets too much, call us. Me: What should I do in the meantime? What about exercise? Doc: I can give you pain meds. Meanwhile don’t walk too much. Meanwhile George came up with a theory that made so much sense to me about the pain pattern. Thanks George! - Elaine Poleshuck

George is a phenomenally gifted healer, body worker, teacher, and artist, who has dedicated himself to spreading health and well being. He builds communities brilliantly, and I always encounter the most wonderful people in his sphere. Keep up the great work, George, and thanks for creating a space to share ideas about wellness! - Jennifer Barnhart

My favorite chiropractor and bodyworker, with the best office and a great sense of humor. George is one of my best teachers, too, very kind, utmost professional and always helpful. - Sofia Lindeman

Sometimes words don’t really suffice to describe the quality of a person’s presence and work. George is the real deal. I first came to him as a client. His kindness and and understanding of how to approach the problem truly brought results. I am now a grateful student and find every class and supervision packed with valuable and interdisciplinary lessons, experiences, and exercises. Find a way to work with George, you’ll only benefit. - Levy Gansburg

George is amazing! He thinks outside the box and has an amazing in depth knowledge of the body. Absolutely the best and capable of handling anything! - Alisa Clark

Excellent classes, great place to meet and collaborate with other bodyworkers. I’ve found the supervision group especially helpful. - Marian Paglia

George Russell and his colleagues at Getting Better Bodywork are brilliant educators who teach and mentor their students with wisdom, compassion and humor. I have taken many classes with them and leave with new skills and insights for my own massage practice- but I also come away feeling like I have a community that supports my growth and that I can connect with at any time with questions and new ideas. I highly recommend that any bodyworker spend time with this group and see how much you gain! - Leigh Hansen

Always excellent! Every class I’ve taken with the teachers at Getting Better Bodywork has been highly informative and I’ve left with hands on techniques to use immediately and new ideas flowing through my mind! - HanaKyle Moranz