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James Nicholson

James Nicholson
photo: Tim Stachecki

James M.A. Nicholson has been practicing as a Personal Trainer since 2003 and as a massage therapist since 2006. He has a Philosophy degree from Fordham University and his Massage Therapy diploma from The Swedish Institute (cum laude). He is an American Council on Exercise certified Personal Trainer and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. He currently works out of Complete Body where he not only trains and massages clients, but also teaches business and technique classes to colleagues as well as junior trainers.

James continues studying various forms of movement and treatment modalities. In training, he specializes in functional movement, pre/post rehabilitation, pre/post natal training and using the TRX, and Kettle Bells. In massage he specializes in improving flexibility, myo-fascial techniques, pre/post natal massage and vibrational techniques. He is a protégé of George Russell, integrating George’s style into his own practice.

James’s philosophy is ‘Reconnection of the Self.’ Many people go through their adult life being constantly distracted from what’s important, their health. He teaches his clients to ignore the unnecessary chatter of the city and pay attention to what’s happening with their bodies. He teaches them how to properly treat themselves; and also how to properly move. He gets down to the core of the individual and helps people not merely reach what they thought was the ceiling of their potential, but to attain something beyond that – when we are reconnected to ourselves, our abilities are limitless.

Beyond all of this, James runs a Wellness Concierge service, where business clients can have direct access to massage, yoga, Alexander Technique, The Rosen Method and more right in their offices, or wherever works best.